Companies Compete to Buy your Payments


You don't need to "Quote" anywhere else...

Quote Me A is a leading factoring marketplace consisting of top advanced funding companies that buy differed payment streams of virtually all types. Our unique marketplace concept was designed for the sole purpose to assist clients in obtaining the most cash back possible from these companies by offering more choices, and multiple competitive cash quotes.

The various relationships we've established allows consumers to get the maximum cash back when selling annuities, structured settlements, life insurance settlements, lottery winnings and notes. Our network of funding companies will buy some or all of your payments for a discounted lump sum cash price, and these cash offers will vary. Let top funding firms compete and get maximum cash back!

Why use Quote Me A

  • Save Money- Settlement Buyers bid like an auction, ultimately getting you the highest cash price without lowball offers.
  • Save Time- Don't spend your time calling multiple companies. Instead let funding firms place bids on your Payment Stream.
  • No Unnecessary Phone Calls From Funding Companies- Your contact information is not shared with funding companies until you request that a company call you ( does call clients who have not requested contact, with a notification of their highbid after a period of one week of an item being listed for bids).
  • Manage all of your bids in one central location
  • It's FREE - No costs, no commitment, no risk!

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
highest possible price for your payments.

Let Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement!

To get started receiving quotes on your structured settlement, annuity, note, or lottery payments, call us at 888-868-5322.