Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement


Companies Compete to get Your Client the Most Money for Their Structured Settlement is delighted to offer our marketplace service as a resource for Attorneys, Brokers, CPAs, and Financial Advisors. If you're not currently familiar with our company, we provide the ideal solution for anyone selling a structured settlement, annuity, or note, via a confidential bidding platform. Due to the competitive nature of our site, you'll get an incredible offer for your client, on day one. Our company, quite frankly, can be an invaluable time and money saving service for both you and your clients.

Our service is incredibly timesaving and effective. If you have clients that are in need of quotes on factoring payments, simply sign-up an account on our site for confidential bids from today's most competitive funding companies. It's quick and easy. During the initial registration process, you'll be prompted to select that you are working on behalf of the client, and your occupation. Simply select the appropriate description (we ask that you please signup with a business related email address, if possible, so we can validate your account). Your bids will come directly to your email from info(at) (and we do not share your email address)

Then, list the details of your clients payments, and let the bidding begin. Working on behalf of the client, you can correspond and negotiate with funding firms via your private account as you would normally during the quote gathering / bidding process. We're confident that once you utilize our service , you'll be wondering how you ever managed the bidding process without it! It gets even better......

Once you've registered an account, you or your firm won't be called by salespeople either from our company, or the funding companies who bid on our site. (unless you request calls from either of us) Alternatively, when works directly with annuitants, the terms and conditions of our site allow us to contact annuity owners via the telephone after a period of one week of the payments being approved for bids. These terms and conditions do not apply to Attorneys, Brokers or CPAs. We do not call you with your current high-bid. It's your decision if, when, and what funding firm you would like to discuss a transaction with. We also do not solicit additional business via the telephone from your firm. Once you've registered an account, you'll simply receive our monthly newsletter, and your bids will be managed exclusively via email only with funding firms. (unless again, you request contact with a firm) We of course, are always available at any time when you or your clients need our assistance via the telephone. (and we would also be happy to work directly with your clients, if you would prefer us to).

By registering a single account on our site, you can upload as many clients annuity payments as you would like, and get bids from today's most competitive bidding companies.

We again are delighted to offer the Quote Me A service with our compliments. Simply contact us to get started!

Let Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement!

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