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Cash Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Sell My Structured Settlement or Annuity Payments?

If you are comfortable receiving your funds in the form of monthly payments, then you may not have a need to sell your structured settlement or annuity payments. However, many people find themselves in situations where they could greatly benefit from receiving a large single sum of cash. This cash could be used to pay tuition, purchase a new vehicle, place a down payment on a home, start a new business, take advantage of an investment opportunity, or pay off existing debts.

Why Should I Use A Marketplace Instead of Directly Contacting a Buyer?

The answer is simple: competition. If you contact one buyer, you're going to receive one offer. You will have no idea whether or not you could possibly be receiving a larger portion of the funds that are owed to you. has a network of reliable and credible buyers who are willing to bid on your future payments, which drives up the total amount that you will be able to receive. This enables you to quickly receive multiple offers without having to locate and contact buyers yourself.

How Will I Receive Offers?

The platform is very simple to use. Once you have created your account, you can submit the details of your structured settlement or annuity. Our network of buyers will then be able to contact you discreetly and directly via email with their offers.

Won't Most Companies Offer Similar Amounts?

Not necessarily. Buyers will value your future payments differently in order to reduce their risk and maximize their profits. When looking for a buyer, do not disclose the previous quotes you have received, and always look for as many offers as possible. You will quickly find that some buyers will provide extremely low quotes that are not in your best interest.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Sell My Payments?

Sellers undertake no out-of-pocket expenses when choosing to sell their future payments. All of the upfront costs associated with selling will be deducted from the lump sum you will receive.

How Much of Settlement, Annuity, or Winnings Will I Be Able to Receive?

There is no simple answer to this question. The amount will be determined by the total value of your settlement, annuity, or lottery winnings, as well as the number of payments that you have left, and the discount rate that the buyer is offering. can help you determine what a fair amount would be for you to receive, given your unique circumstances. Know that you should not expect to receive your entire settlement or winnings amount because the buyer is taking a risk and a loss by purchasing your future payments.

Can I Sell Part of My Structured Settlement, Annuity, or Lottery Winnings?

Absolutely. You can choose to sell the entire remainder of your structured settlement, or you can choose to sell a portion of your payments in order to satisfy an immediate need for cash. At, we will gladly walk you through what your best options will be depending upon your personal payment situation.

When Will I Receive My Lump Sum?

A reputable buyer will typically provide a guaranteed closing date. If they do not guarantee a closing date, you might consider choosing a different buyer. On average, most sellers receive their funds within 8 to 12 weeks.

How Will I Know If A Buyer is Trustworthy?

Before committing to a buyer, do a bit of background research on their organization. When selling future payments, it is best to look for buyers that have clearly completed many of these transactions previously, and have numerous satisfied customers. A quick Internet search for the company should tell you if they have a positive record with the Better Business Bureau and if they are highly ranked and reviewed by previous clients.

Will I Have to Submit A Lot of Paperwork?

In order for your transaction to be completed as smoothly and quickly as possible, it will be necessary for you to accurately complete and sign several documents. However, will walk you through the process and make sure that you understand what is expected.

Should I Consult With My Accountant or Attorney?

It is always wise to consult with your dependable financial advisers, especially those who are already familiar with your settlement or annuity. Your accountant may be able to give you an idea of what a reasonable offer will be, and your attorney can confirm your right to sell.

Is it Legal to Sell My Future Payments?

Certainly. While there may not be a lot of information available to the general republic regarding these types of sales, they are extremely common among corporations, and even among some small businesses. Businesses frequently sell contracts and invoices in order to improve their immediate cash flow problems, and private citizens are free to do the same, as long as they have ownership over the settlement or annuity.

As the Seller of a Settlement or Annuity, Do I Have Legal Protection?

Each state has its own form of government protection for the seller of a structured settlement. It is important to make certain that the buyer you choose will comply with the legal stipulations in your state. can help you navigate this process.

Is This A Type of Loan?

Selling future payments is not a form of a loan, and you will not be accruing any debt. These are funds that are owed to you through a settlement, a prize package, or an annuity. You are simply choosing to sell your payments to a third party in order to receive a large portion of the funds at once. This is not a loan, and you will not be paying anything back.

What if The Payer Defaults? Am I Responsible?

When the buyer purchases your structured settlement or annuity, they take full responsibility of all future risk. This means that if the payer goes bankrupt, or defaults on the debt for any other reason, the company that has purchased your future payments will be the one to accrue the loss. You will not be held responsible.

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