Companies Compete to Buy your Lottery Payments


Sell Lottery Winnings for a lump sum of cash 

Quote Me A can assist you in selling your lottery winnings for a lump sum of cash. Whether you're looking to sell some, or all of your lottery payments, we have multiple lottery buyers competing with cash offers. This will allow you to compare multiple cash quotes and obtain the most cash back for your lotto winnings. Our lottery buyers are extremely familiar with both the state and federal laws regarding the purchasing of lottery winnings.

Let's face it, you're one of the fortunate ones to have hit the jackpot. But, let's also face the fact that getting the cash over a period of years isn't as appealing as obtaining your cash in one lump sum. As you may be aware, the value of your payments in today's economy, will not have the same value in our economy in 10 or 15 years. Although periodic payouts can be a blessing for some people, you may need access to your funds to pay bills, purchase a new vehicle, a down payment on a home, or you may want to invest your money and have your money work for you? What-ever the reason, we have top lottery buyers competing with cash bids.

As a lottery winner, you can sell:

  • The full amount of your remaining lottery winnings
  • Any number of remaining lottery payments
  • Any percentage of the remaining total lottery payments

Simply sign up for a free account, and let multiple lottery buyers compete with cash bids and get maximum cash when you sell lottery winnings.

Let Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement!

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