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Up to 4 Cash Quotes for Your Notes!

If you own a note, and are looking to sell mortgage note and to receive cash for your note, you've come to the right location. QMAP has multiple national mortgage note buyers who will compete with cash offers for your note. These cash offers will allow you to obtain the most cash back for your note.

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Purchase Options:

A full purchase option:

  • It provides the largest amount of cash.
  • It liquidates the entire investment.
  • It eliminates the potential risk and hassle of foreclosure.

Partial purchases allow note holders to generate a specific amount of cash by selling just a portion of their payments. The note seller receives cash at closing and will go back to collecting payments again in the future.

Simply sign up an account, list details of your note, and get cash offers:

Let Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement!

To get started receiving quotes for your mortgage note or business note, call us at 888-868-5322.