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This Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") sets forth the contractual agreement between LLC (" / QMAP," "we,"or "us") and you the client ("client," "you," "your") who agrees to the terms of this Agreement by clicking the "I agree" checkbox.

Indemnification: You indemnify and hold harmless LLC, the members, officers, directors, employees, partners, principals, agents and representatives against and in respect of any and all demands, claims, actions, causes of action, liabilities, losses and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees arising out of or relating to any breach by you of any covenant, representation or warranty made by you in this Agreement Funding Company Participation and Marketing Statements: Quote Me A maintains a marketplace for advanced funding who utilize a best practice standard, and companies with no unresolved complaints with the BBB to join as a bidding member. (we may restrict some companies from bidding with who we feel do not meet a best practice standard)

We do, from time to time, have fluctuations in the number of companies bidding on our website which will directly translate into to the number of bids you receive. Depending on the time that you utilize the platform, the fluctuation in bidding companies may also render some of the marketing articles and statements we have made over the course of time, both on our website, and off of our website, not completely accurate. We always advise any consumer to get multiple quotes when selling a future payment stream.

Services and our Bidding Companies: The website is a service matching consumers selling annuities, structured settlements, life insurance products, real estate notes and other financial products with funding companies that buy these products. Quote Me A does not buy these financial products, and has no liability between the correspondences, bids, and funding of clients selling these items on the Quote Me A website.

Further, Quote Me A LLC is not a licensed insurance agent or agency, and does not partake in the brokering of Life Insurance Policies, Life Settlements, or Viaticals. Quote Me A does not accept referral fee's or commission from the sale of life insurance policies in the form of life settlements or viaticals on the Quote Me A website.

Quote Me A also makes no guarantee's that your annuity payments, structured settlement, mortgage note, business note, or life insurance policy can or will be bought by the bidding companies on the Quote Me A website. Good Faith No-Fee Bids: Bids on the Quote Me A website are bids made in good faith that the information provided by the client on the Quote Form during signup is accurate. Bids on Quote Me A are bids that include no additional processing fee's imposed by our funding partners. All Out-Bids by funding companies have a minimum of a $200 increase. The bid amount you are quoted, is the amount of money you should receive from our funding partners.

Mandatory legal fee's may apply in certain states that require clients to obtain independent legal council in order to transfer a structured settlement. This fee is to be paid directly by client to council that is obtained. In the event that information provided by the client is inadvertently omitted, not accurate, or that certain unforeseen issues arise before or during the funding process (including but not limited to a court order being denied) these bids may potentially be withdrawn. QMAP holds it's Bidders to the highest possible standards of good faith no fee bids, and participating vendors who breach this agreed good faith no fee bidding will be banned from participating on the Quote Me A website. Bids on our website are valid for a period of 1 week. Any bid you have received that is older than one month, may have to be changed.

Further, any client who feels that bids have been purposely manipulated, intentionally withdrawn, additional fee's have been added, or has any issues what-so-ever concerning bids is urged to contact us via telephone, or email us at for an immediate resolution.

*Additional bid guidelines apply to Life Insurance Policies-coming soon. Approval of your item live for bids: In order to keep the Quote Me A platform free from "Invalid Users", we do monitor and approve each quote manually. You agree that in certain circumstances where the website administrator can clearly view that pertinent information has been omitted on the quote form, or cleary view inaccurate information on your quote form, that we may contact you by either telephone or email (or both) to request further clarification of your payment information.

You also agree that we may not approve your item live for bids on our platform until you respond to us about this clarification. We also reserve the right to not approve items live for bid on our platform, and to delete your approved item off of our platform at our discretion. * 100% Confidential*: Your personal contact information is kept confidential from bidding companies until you request contact / a detailed proposal. At this point, you are sending the company you requested a proposal from your contact information, and they may contact you via the telephone or mail at any time in the future. In certain cases, may attempt to contact clients to confirm the details of a transaction. Sellers who have not requested contact do however agree to be potentially contacted directly by by telephone with a notification of your current highest bid after a period of one week of your item being approved for bids. (highbid notifications not applicable if you have "requested a detailed offer" from the highest bidding funding company, and not applicable if you cancel your account) Awarding Bids and Client Responsibilities: As part of the Quote Me A auction platform, you can "Award Bid" to a particular funding company. This "Award Bid" action is not a legally binding agreement.

This notification is informing a particular vendor that you have tentatively agreed to accept the offer of sale at that particular bid price the vendor has sent you. You, the client, have the ability at any time before further signing a contractual agreement with that particular vendor, to not move forward with the sale of your financial product. Broker or Funding Company Use: Brokers or funding companies that utilize the QMAP platform agree that you will not post cases of clients who have signed a purchase agreement with another funding company, and not yet vacated the order. You may post your transactions of clients with whom you are seeking funding. Email Notification: As part of the Quote Me A service, you agree to receive periodic email notifications from These email notifications will let you know that you have a new bid to view in your account or a private message from a funding vendor. You also agree that as long as you have an account with active items for bid, to receive periodic

"Account Reminder"notifications or "highbid" notifications. These notifications will stop either upon funding of your account, or termination of your account. You can deactivate your Quote Me A account by replying to the notifications with the word "Deactivate" or "Cancel" in the subject line. (you will be removed from all future email reminders from Quote Me A In order to provide a superior service to our future clients, upon either cancellation or funding of your account you do agree to be sent a no obligation, confidential survey from Upon cancellation of your account, you also agree to receive a quarterly "Tips on selling payments" newsletter. You can simply reply to this newsletter with the word "Remove", to be permanently removed from all future "Tips" newsletters, and all future mailings from Valid Email Addresses: Unless previously agreed to with Quote Me A, due to the nature of our website, we require a valid email address. We reserve the right to contact you by telephone should your email bounce at any time in which you have an open item on our bidding platform. Governing Law/Jurisdiction: This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Our Privacy Policy may be changed or modified. You are encouraged to regularly check for changes to this policy. appreciates the importance of maintaining your privacy and how information about you is gathered, used and disseminated. This statement is to inform you of our Privacy Policy and how we collect and use information. This policy applies to our information collection and dissemination on (a) our website(s), (b) third party websites (affiliated with us), and (c) other ways we collect and use user information

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