Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement


Get Cash When You Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Are you receiving a structured settlement as a result of a lawsuit? You're thankful for the payments you receive, but life circumstances may arise that would make obtaining a larger portion of your payments now, even better. You may need the additional money now to help pay bills, college tuition, a new vehicle, or a down payment on a home. QMAP can assist you in obtaining the maximum amount of cash back when you sell structured settlement payments. Whether your structured settlement is a result of medical malpractice, an unfortunate accident, or any other reason, we have the ideal method for when you need to sell structured settlement annuity payments.

Quote Me A provides a marketplace forum for various top structured settlement buyers to bid on your payments. This competitive environment allows structured settlement owners to get top dollar now, for their payments. Don't make the mistake of letting one company offer you a single cash amount, and accept that cash offer without knowing your options. Make top Structured Settlement buyers compete for your valuable annuity payments, and get maximum cash back.

In today's struggling economy it's important to do your diligence and get the most money possible for your structured settlement payment rights. QMAP will help you scour the market for the best offers for your payments. It's important to not only get the most money for your structured settlements but also to deal with a reputable company that will get you your money fast. Our lenders also provide advances to help you with your financial hardship immediately. Call today to inquire about our structured settlements advance program.

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Why QMAP? Structured settlement buyers use various guidelines when calculating cash offers. Most firms use a discount rate as a base guideline - the % of future payments that are principle and interest. But, funding institutions also have different rates at which they obtain the money necessary to buy your payments. So, the bottom line is some firms can unquestionably offer your more cash back, than others. That's why the Quote Me A service is such a valuable asset for structured settlement owners. By offering structured settlement owners an open marketplace platform consisting of top funding firms all competing with cash bids, you are getting the best possible chance of obtaining the maximum amount of cash back for your payments.

Let Companies Compete to Buy your Structured Settlement!