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4 Terms To Know Before You Sell Your Structured Settlement: Introduction

If you or someone you know is considering selling a structured settlement, you might be a little overwhelmed by all the terms and jargon associated with this industry. Whether you have actually consulted a potential buyer or are just beginning to research the possibility, you probably keep running across terms that you have never heard of or know very little about. Unless you are a financial guru or an attorney, this is fairly common and easy to remedy. Obviously if you’re reading this, you’re already on the right path. Without question, there are extremely complex terms associated with selling a structured settlement. As such, it is always in your best interest to seek professional advice before, during, and after you consider selling your structured settlement. The goal of this series, 4 terms you should know before you sell your structured settlement, is to provide some basic background knowledge that will hopefully assist you in your negotiations. While some of the potential buyers you will be working with will throw these terms around like everyday language, this may be new to you. Please do not let these terms intimidate you. Taking the time to learn and understand some of the more common terms will hopefully provide a more level playing field and allow you to feel more prepared during the process.

Throughout the course of this series we’re going to discuss four main terms that are commonly associated with selling a structured settlement. Although there are many terms that may be unfamiliar to you, the following are the terms that we have identified that will have a significant impact on the final amount of money you can expect to receive as a result of selling all or a portion of your settlement:

o Time Value of Money
o Present Value of Money
o Factoring
o Discounted Value

Your knowledge and understanding of these terms will vary depending on your experience. Most people have only dealt with these terms topically, whereas they were discussed and even used briefly in financial applications or investments. For each of the four terms above, we will take the time to break them down into simpler language by defining them, demonstrating their practical applications, and providing easy to understand examples. Hopefully, after reading this series, you will find you have a much better understanding and are a lot less intimidated.

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