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5 Important Steps Before You Sell Your Structured Settlement: #4 Decide What You Are Going to Sell

As each structured settlement details are unique, so too are the options to sell all or part of the future payments of the settlement. In step #4, we discuss the options available when considering selling or transferring the rights to receive payments awarded in a structured settlement. As a recipient of a structured settlement, there are both advantages and disadvantages to structured settlements. For the purpose of this step, we are providing information on the options available. As specified in the previous steps, professional advice must be consulted to determine the best option to meet your needs. If you are just beginning to consider selling or transferring your structured settlement, you may have not realized that you do not have to sell all of it. In fact, most companies will work directly with you to customize a partial sale to meet your needs. Because the sale will significantly reduce the amount you will receive from the settlement, you might consider selling only the portion you need to meet your immediate cash flow needs. This will help to ensure that you have access to the cash you need now while securing your future.

A financial expert or a qualified broker will review the settlement documents to determine the viable options to sell the future payments from the structured settlement. Structured settlement recipients can receive weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annually, annual , or even scheduled lump sum payments over a period of time. The details of your structured settlement will provide the specific options available for sale. Following are some options you may be able to consider:

• Sell the entire structured settlement
• Sell specific future regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annual payments up to a certain point
• Sell one, several or all of the future lump sum payments
• Shared payment plan
• A combination of options

After you have determined the options available to you based on your specific settlement, it will be important to review how to decide what you want to sell. Each situation is unique and there is no right or wrong answer or an easy fix for every situation. The first thing a potential seller needs to determine is how much cash is needed. Take a realistic approach to determine this need. The seller needs to determine the role the settlement plays in their budget. What can they afford to sell and will the anticipated lump sum cover their needs. The last step, Seek the Best Offer, will provide information to help you decide on what company meets your needs in consideration of selling a structured settlement.

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