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Why a FA is an Annuitant’s Best Friend

So, you’re thinking about selling that structured settlement.  Hoping to get a big cash payout.  Got big plans for that money.  So, what next?

Your state may require you to consult with an attorney and/or financial advisor (FA) before you finalize the sale of your settlement.  Even if it doesn’t, finding some good advice is a great idea, even if it costs you a few bucks.

What am I really getting?  A good financial advisor can look at the details of the deals being offered to your by competing buyers (if you haven’t shopped your annuity to more than one buyer, do it now – QMAP offers a free and easy way to get competing bids) to give you a good idea which one is best for you.

Should I Sell at All?  A financial advisor will ask you about the reasons why you’re looking to sell your settlement.  A good FA will try to find alternatives to selling.  Remember that an annuity is designed to ensure you can cover your expenses for a fixed period of time, so you should be sure you’ve exhausted all other possibilities before you sell.   A good FA might find something that you haven’t yet considered. 

Dirty Tricks.  When you seek out a financial advisor for help, find one who’s had recent experience in selling structured settlements.  Chances are, he’s seen what buyers try to do to bump up their profits:  change the deal midstream; introduce new “processing,” “legal,” “administrative” fees; or something similar.  The buyer’s costs should be met as part of the deal, so if you’re asked to pay in additional fees, consider this a red flag.

Details of the Deal.  A financial advisor can look at what’s being offered to you, and figure out how you’ll really come out in the end.  The discount rate is what buyers use to scale back the total amount of your annuity and figure out what they’re willing to pay.  A good FA can figure competing discount rates.  The lowest discount rate – although it means the best lump sum payment for your annuity – can be a sign of trouble if the prospective buyer tends to float a favorable offer, only to pull it back later.

Who Are You?  Still, don’t just trust anyone who hangs a “Financial Advisor” shingle outside his door.  All those letters after his name should mean something, and a few quick Internet searches will tell you what.  Ask him specifically about his experience with structured settlements, and find out how recently he’s handled one.

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