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Getting Cash for your Structured Settlement Payments

Structured settlement laws in the United States have made the business of receiving a payment from a court settlement or a lottery win very difficult. It is almost impossible to receive the full amount in cash when it is awarded, and most parties who have to pay a settlement will much rather opt for a monthly or quarterly payment to ease the financial burden. But where does this leave you? You are entitled to your cash, but by law the party responsible for paying it doesn’t have to release it at more than a trickle. But, did you know that you can get Cash For Structured Settlement payment agreements by selling them?

That’s right, you can get Cash For Structured Settlement payment agreements by selling them off to larger investors or institutions who will buy them at a slight discount in return for giving you all of the cash up front. There are a lot of companies who will offer to buy your structured settlement agreement, but the percentage of your lump sum they will charge will differ greatly. A general guideline is that companies can charge between 7-12% to take your payments off your hands and give you the cash instead. With interest on the payments calculated you get almost the entire remaining amount, even after the company takes its discount!

Unfortunately, finding a company who will give you Cash For Structured Settlement payment plans is not as easy as it sounds. Many of the larger companies can offer you more cash, but they also have higher overheads, which stops them from being able to offer you as much as they could. Smaller companies may also offer you a large amount of cash because they do not have these overheads, but they might also be trying to grow and will charge you more for their services.

So what do you do if you want to get Cash For Structured Settlement payment agreements right now? At you can put up your payment agreement on our board, and let hundreds of investing companies make a bid. Then you select the bidder who offers you the best deal! Now you can find the company who will offer you the largest lump sum, without having to call up dozens of different investment firms! This is by far the best way to sell your structured settlement and get the highest amount of money possible for it.

Why go in search of a company who will offer you a decent amount of cash when you can post your structured settlement and let them come to you! You can get all of your cash right now to put into your home, grow your business or take a dream vacation! Don’t settle for tiny monthly payments that make no real impact on your financial situation. Come to and get Cash For Structured Settlement payment agreements today!

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
highest possible price for your payments.

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