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Sell My Annuity Payments for a Lump Sum Today

Should I sell my annuity payments? If so, you’ve come to the right place. QMAP provides individuals selling annuity payments multiple cash lump sum quotes from top rated annuity buyers When selling your annuity payments, most consumers fail to realize that many options exist. As the owner of an annuity, you can select to sell all of your annuity payments, or just a portion. You also have the option of letting annuity buyers know that you instead would like to receive a certain amount of cash back.

You might have an annuity that pays you $1,500 per month, for 20 years. You can then tell buyers of annuities that you would like to receive $30,000 cash,”How many payments must I sell to receive $30,000 cash?” Annuity buyers will then let you know in order to receive $30,000 cash, you must sell X amount of years worth of payments. For a hypothetical example, an annuity buyer might tell you need to sell 3 years worth of payments, or $54,000 worth of payments to receive a lump sum of $30,000.. With this knowledge, you can then have other annuity buyers give you competitive offers on cashing out $30,000.

What do annuity buyers need to know before you can sell your annuity payments? They will need to know the insurance company, state in which you reside, exact dates and exact amounts of your payments,. If your annuity is from a structured settlement, they will in most cases also need to know what you need the money for. This is essential because selling a structured settlement requires a court order, and a judge to approve the transaction. How do you go about the process of selling your annuity payments?

First and foremost, most legal counsels will agree that when selling annuity payments, you should speak to a number of companies. You could start by calling companies one by one, explaining in detail your payments, insurance company, and how much money you are looking to cash out. This could potentially be very time consuming, and lead to numerous follow up phone calls. The Quote Me A platform has aggregated top annuity buyers, and allows consumers to post details of your annuity for funding firms to make cash offers directly into your QMAP account. This competitive marketplace will ensure that you do get top dollar for your annuity, and assist in streamlining the process. So, if you’re looking to sell your annuity payments the smartest option is to post your annuity on QMAP, and let annuity buyers fight for the rights to own your annuity.

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