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Selling Structured Settlements: Why Sell Now Vs. Later?

Today we will consider some of the positive reasons you may wish to sell your structured settlement payments for a lump sum now regardless of whether you have an immediate financial need or not.

1) Long Term Decrease in Value

The value of money over a short period of time often makes little difference. For example, a dollar today will most likely get you just as much value as a dollar tomorrow. However, the value of money becomes something to be considered when thinking about collecting the same amount from your structured settlement payments. Most payments last over a decade, some take over twenty years or more to completely pay out your collection amount. The value of money will, most definitely, fluctuate over such a period of time, while most structured settlement payments are not adjusted for inflation. That regular payment you are getting now may only pay for 10% of what it will today in 20 years.

2) Gaining Interest Income

If you collect annuity payments in a lump sum, you might get the even payments to space out your income, but if you invest the money in a smart and safe way you can live off the substantial interest. The problem words here are “smart” and “safe”. This would require substantial research on your part to find an opportunity to use your money where you will still be receiving as much, if not more, per month than if had not sold your settlement payments.

3) Investing

If investing safely is not something you are interested in, you might be more interested in investing the money in some sort of venture capital. Now, while this is considered to be more risky the potential for gain is that much greater. You may want to contribute to the growing business of a friend or family member with your new-found wealth and this would be possible to do if you chose to collect your structured settlement payments in a lump sum.

4) Life Span

While this is something that people might shy away from thinking about, the realities of collecting a twenty year structured settlement payment is that you might not live long enough to collect the entire sum. When you die, usually the remaining uncollected payments are returned to the party issuing your payments. While it is possible in some rare situations to “pass down” your payments, it is quite uncommon. This, then becomes money that neither you nor your inheritors will ever see. Though, if you had received a lump sum and set up some sort of interest account, a personal investment in a business or venture, or even kept your money as savings; then in the advent of an untimely death you could simply will any of these to your inheritors.

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