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Selling Your Structured Settlement: Don’t Panic!!!

If you have been receiving payments from a structured settlement, you may have noticed that these regular payments, at times, do not cover all your expenses. This is especially the case if the victim experiences a secondary complication related to the original injury. This potentially very serious complication could be directly related to the original accident that required legal action in the first place. However, since the lawsuit is over and the settlement amount agreed upon, now you will be forced to make some extremely important financial decisions.

Unfortunately, financial emergencies have a strong tendency to send most individuals into an immediate and extreme mental panic. In this heightened state of anxiety many individuals make very quick and often uninformed financial decisions. This is financially dangerous because, frequently, choices made in this “What-am-I-going-to-do-now?!?!” mental state end up being one of those moments you look back on and think “what was I thinking?!”

Another common problem with making decisions when in a stressful “I need money now”  mental state is that many dishonest and self interested entities actually attempt to target those with that precise confusion condition for their own benefit. Scams often use this “trick” to create urgency in the consumer and increase the potential that each particular customer will release their financial information, ultimately leaving themselves wide open to many potentially devastating scam operations.

Simply verifying the credibility of any company, especially those with only an online presence, will be sufficient effort to protect you from majority of the scams present on the web. However, in this “I need my money now” mental state you are also opening yourself up to taking the first bid you can find from a reputable buyer. Reputable alone does not mean they have the best rate.

Approximately 50% of  those who have made the decision to sell their structured settlements, have said after the sale that they feel they could have obtained more money by simply comparing structured settlement offers from different funding providers. Your goal when trading in your structured settlement account for a lump sum of money is to get the highest offer. So, it’s time to shop around.

The most successful way to locate the highest offer for your structured settlement is to put some time into researching and contacting multiple funding companies and simply comparing the quotes. This can certainly prove to be a painstaking, tedious, and frustrating process. However, in the end, considering the sale process can take 45 – 90 days before you are approved anyway- why not spend a week or two doing your homework?

Unfortunately, lawsuit funding companies vary widely in levels of professionalism, honesty, and keeping the victims’ best interests at heart. It is highly recommended that you research each litigation funding provider you are considering working with before signing any legal binding contracts or providing any sensitive personal information. It would certainly be considered beneficial to choose a lawsuit funding provider that you feel confident trusting.

And, for our final tidbit of advice today, remember you can always slam the brakes on any deal you may be working on if you feel uncomfortable. Don’t put up with pressure. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent 100 hours on the phone with the provider representative.. If you want out, get out before you sign and find another provider.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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