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Structured Settlement Sales: Finding Quality

No matter if the buyer of your structured settlement payments is a large corporation, a smaller group of investors focusing on such purchases, or even a single individual they will all share some basic qualifications and characteristics that are beyond doubt.

The company you choose to buy structured settlements from you should be a company with a legally recognized structure, should have a good track record, including success with court approvals (which indicates fair disclosure practices and fair dealings), and should be able to provide enough proof to show that they have the means to fund your transaction. Beyond these basic qualities, there are others things that you should look for when choosing a partner to buy structured settlements, and legal responsibilities that all buyers are obligated to by law (although the laws do vary from state to state and country to country).

If you are skeptical of the idea of selling structured settlement payments, you are not alone; and you do have cause to be. Selling your annuity payments is serious and will have several financial consequences which could be either good or bad, depending on your situation. Notably, selling structured settlements is not the right choice for all annuity beneficiaries, but it is a very good opportunity to access needed cash in many circumstances. It should also be noted that certain organizations, such as the National Structured Settlements Trade Association, have publicized the fact that a number of media and organizations have called attention to the practices of some sellers. The Association is not necessarily saying that it is a bad idea to sell your annuity payments, but that the process does certainly require that buyer (or in this case seller) beware.

The option to have a third party buy structured settlements presents a very useful financial opportunity for many annuity recipients. This is a practice that can be put to very good use when handled properly with a reputable annuity payment buyer; but it is also one with the potential for problems. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly or gone into in haste. Selling structured settlement payments requires patience, due diligence, and most of all the choice of an upstanding annuity buyer. The path to finding that elusive person or company who will buy structured settlements starts with learning the real first stage basics about who will buy structured settlements, and continues with learning what your options are and how to find the right funding partner for you.

While I am not endorsing any specific company, nor am I even advocating the sale of your structured settlement- These groups have been listed in the top 10 buyers in relation to the qualities I have written about here today.

1. J.G.  Wentworth
2. Peachtree
3. Settlement Quotes, LLC
4. Sovereign Funding
5. Solid Funding
6. Singer Asset
7. Woodbridge
8. Genex Capital
9. Quote Me a Price
10. Stone Street

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