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Structured Settlement Sales – Is Bigger Better?

If you’ve got a structured settlement and are considering selling it, you have hopefully used a site like to get bids for the portions of your structured settlement that you are considering to sell. 

Still, once you get those bids, how do you know which to choose?  Do you take a slightly lower offer from one of the big players in the structured settlement market, or do you take a chance selling your settlement to a company that is not as well-known?

It all boils down to “due diligence.”  Essentially, that means you have to do your homework to make sure a company bidding to buy your structured settlement is reputable, and whether you trust that company enough to give them your business.

Once you get a short list of companies bidding on your settlement, an easy way to begin checking them out is with a simple Internet search.  Are there lots of articles about them?  Lots of complaints?  If there is absolutely no information at all, it could mean that the buyer is a brand new company; not necessarily a bad thing, but you have no history to go on.  This is all starting information, and you need to go further.

Your next stop should be the Better Business Bureau.  There, you can review complaints that have been made against prospective structured settlement buyers.  Most companies will have some complaints against them, so the content of the complaints should be your focus here.  Do the companies change the deal after the fact?  Did they fail to pay up on their settlements?  Did they sneak in hidden fees?  This will tell you what red flags to watch for when you begin the sales process.

Another added check might be the state attorney, or some other regulatory that handles consumer complaints, to see if your prospective buyers have encountered problems in your state.

Even once you’ve selected a vendor, be it a major player or a start-up, you can’t drop your guard.  Review carefully every contract and document given to you as part of your structured settlement sale.  Talk to an independent attorney who’s had experience with structured settlement sales, and talking to a financial advisor is a good idea, too.  Make sure this is a good deal for you, or at least the best deal you can get.  And don’t forget – you have the “cooling off” period right after the deal is done where you can pull the plug on the whole thing, if you want to.

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