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Structured Settlement – Your Best Bet

You were injured and filed a lawsuit, or you won a lottery, or some other settlement, yet your benefits are being paid to you as a structured settlement.  Why do you have to wait for your money?  Why can’t you get it now?

Structured settlements actually got their start in Canada.  They’ve become a favorite in personal injury lawsuits for a number of reasons. First, the plaintiff can pay a settlement to an insurance company that is less than the actual total lump sum settlement stipulated in court.  How?  Because the plaintiff puts a set amount of money aside with an insurance company, who then invests that money into a conservative investment whose rate of return generates the stream of payments that constitute your annuity.  The time needed to grow that lump sum into your annuity is one reason why you have to “wait” for your money.

Another reason is your benefit.  Structured settlements are intended to cover your living expenses for a period of months or years.  Most people don’t have the discipline or investment skill to manage such a large amount of money on their own.  So, the annuity lets someone else (the insurance company) manage the money, and the annuitant (that’s you) gets it – and spends it – only as needed.  No matter what a “financial advisor” may tell you, you won’t beat the interest earnings on your investing without some special skill…or divine intervention.

Tax-free treatment is another big reason that structured settlements are so popular.  As long as your damages come from your actual injuries, and not from compensatory or punitive damages, your annuity payments are tax-free.  So, take that into consideration if you believe that your investment can overcome the return on your structured settlement.  Anything you earn must beat both the insurance company and your tax rate.

If you truly don’t need this money, great – why not play with investing it elsewhere?  But if you got it as a result of a personal injury settlement, and can’t replace that income elsewhere, selling should be your last resort.

Should you decide to sell, a site like allows you to seek out bets from interested buyers quickly and easily.  Buyers will tell you the amount they are willing to pay for all or part of your structured settlement.  This allows you to get the best deal.  True, you won’t get anything close to the amount you would have received over time, but if you are desperate for cash, you will be able to get more than if you called only one buyer.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
highest possible price for your payments.

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