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Structured Settlements – Truth Versus Fiction

The TV ads are enticing.  They tell you to sell your structured settlement and get cash now!  But how many of these promises are actually true?

Get Cash Now!  Beware any structured settlement buyer that promises to complete the sale of your settlement in less than 45 days.  All structured settlement sales are governed by state law with specific processes that must be followed.  Even the fastest states will take 30-45 days to turn around your sale.  If you need money sooner than that, sorry – you’re out of luck.

Get the Biggest Payment!  The only way to know if a structured settlement buyer is giving you the best deal on your sale is to compare prices.  A site like allows you to post the details of your settlement and get quotes from competing companies, so that you know who’s offering the most money.  But no matter who you choose, understand that the amount you receive will be only a fraction of the total amount of your entire settlement.  Structured settlement buying companies make money by buying a settlement for pennies on the dollar.

No Hidden Fees!  No matter what a structured settlement buyer promises you, be sure to read every document and agreement thoroughly for any additional costs.  Your state will probably require you to get the advice of an attorney, too – make sure your lawyer is independent (not “recommended” or “preferred” by the structured settlement buyer) and has dealt with structured settlement factoring transactions before.  Buyers have been accused of charging fees even though state law specifically prohibits them.

We’re the Industry Leader!  There are some big players in the structured settlement market with well-known names.  But no matter which buyer you choose, check them out through the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are legitimate and to see what types of complaints, if any, have been filed against them.

It’s Your Money!  Yes, it is your money, but once you sell your structured settlement, it’s not your money anymore.  Understand that these companies are in business to make a profit, and that they are not looking out for your best interests – that’s your job.  Once you sell your settlement, how will you meet your living expenses?  How will you support yourself?  Do you truly need to sell?  If you do sell, will your money needs be resolved, or will the same problems keep coming back?  Remember that you are giving up a fair amount of your settlement if you sell, so you should give this decision serious thought.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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