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Feb 13

Choosing Between Structured Settlement Buyers

Though many structured settlements are set up through a judge, they are not set in stone. While a structured settlement payment plan may be right for some people, for others it may no longer be the best for their changing and varied financial needs. These people may have immediate needs for a lump sum, such as paying for tuition or taking care of past due bills and obligations. However, there are companies out there that will purchase your settlement, providing you with the lump sum of cash you need to remedy your situation. When you decide to look for a company to care for your financial need, there are several things you must take into consideration.

Shop Around

One of the most important things you must understand is that not all companies who buy settlements and annuities are the same. There are good, trustworthy companies out there, but there are also shady and unscrupulous ones, and it is important for you to be able to spot the differences between these companies to avoid making a grave financial mistake. How do you know who to trust? Comparing the companies, as well as their offers, is the key to making the best decision possible.

Important Criteria When Comparing Companies

When choosing the right company for you, there are several criteria you should think about before making your final decision. All offers must be legal in your state and jurisdiction, for example. You should also make sure your company is offering the greatest percentage of your annuity or settlement. Of course, you will not receive 100% of the money owed to you through these settlements and annuities, but you should be able to get most of your money without worry.

Of course, you may only want to sell a portion of your annuity or settlement, and there are companies who are happy to do this as well. This way, you can get the cash you need for your situation without giving up the steady and reliable income a regular payment provides.

Consider Hiring a Brokerage Firm

Utilizing the services of a broker can help you make those all important decisions regarding your settlement or annuity. Choose a broker with the knowledge and experience of years of customer service, and a reputation for doing what it takes to get people the offers that best suit their unique individual financial needs.

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Feb 13

The Advantage of Utilizing a Structured Settlement Broker

If you need the money you have been awarded from a settlement immediately, selling your settlement to a structured settlement broker is a very good choice. This is especially true if you are struggling through financial problems. Getting your money now can be essential when faced with mounting medical bills, bill collectors, and a loss of employment. Though, you should not try selling your settlement without the services of an expert in the field.

Making the Right Choice

Structured settlement offers can vary widely from company to company. Some companies may only want to purchase part of your settlement payments. Other companies might charge outrageous percentages and fees, meaning you will get less of your settlement than you actually deserve. Other companies could have a less than stellar reputation with the public. No matter your situation or specific needs, a structured settlement broker can help you make the best decision for you.

Quick, Competent Service

Another reason to go with a structured settlement broker is how quickly they can assist you with getting offers. Getting offers may take a while, because it can take a long time just to find a buyer if you attempt to do it on your own. However, when you enlist the services of a structured settlement broker, you could start receiving offers in no time at all. For people facing financial difficulties, getting things done quickly can be a lifesaver, because the quicker they get some offers, the quicker they can get the money they so desperately need.

Looking After Your Best Interests

Not all of the companies out there that buy structured settlements may be right for your particular situation. Some companies may have bad reputations, while others simply may not have terms that are right for you. A competent structured settlement broker can help you to look after your own best interests, and find a reputable buyer dedicated to giving you what you need to meet your needs and goals.

Utilizing a reputable broker will help provide access to a large selection of qualified buyers, help you find the information you need to make informed decisions, and help guide you through the process of selling your settlement. Regardless of how easy those late night infomercials make it seem, selling your structured payments can be a difficult task. An expert structured settlement broker can help you with the process and remove some of the difficulty for you.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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Dec 11

Buying Structured Settlements for a Lump Sum of Cash

So I am looking for someone to buy my structured settlement payments. Before I do this, I need to determine a couple of things. First, is this a good idea for me? Second, where do I turn when I want people to buy the rights to these payments? Once I answer these two questions, I will have a much better feeling on where my next move might lie. There are companies out there that specialize in buying structured settlement payment rights. They essentially assume your role and the person to be paid, buying structured settlement payments from you for a lump sum of cash.

Is it smart for me to sell my structured settlement payment rights?

Know that each person is different and this means that each person will have different motivating factors in regard to whether it makes sense to sell structured settlement payments. If you are a person with immediate money needs, then it does make sense to sell out for a lump sum. What kinds of needs might these be? For many, this will mean paying off the bills associated with a personal injury situation. For others, it might just mean paying off bills or getting themselves out of a difficult financial hole.

Other people do not have pressing financial needs at the current time, so the decision becomes a little bit more difficult for them. If I were in that situation and I were thinking about having someone buy my structured settlement payments, then I might first think about what I could do with the money. Some people want a lump sum payment right now because they feel that they have an angle on a good investment opportunity. If you have some means of investing the money to make it grow, then having a lump sum right now is much better than collecting structured settlement payments over the course of an extended time.

For all people, having money right now is better than having the same amount in the future. You remove the risk associated with receiving money later. Ultimately taking a lump sum now will cost you some cash, since the lump sum will be less than the value of the settlement payments. Many individuals feel that they can make up the difference with their investments, though.

So who would be buying structured settlements?

There are companies that buy the rights to your structured settlement payment receipts. These companies jump into your shoes and collect these periodic payments. They offer you a lump sum amount that is ideally enough to make you happy. It is key to find the company that offers the best deal with their lump sum so that you are getting premium value in this deal.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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Apr 11

Common Complaints Against Structured Settlement Buyers

With all the ads featuring happy people singing about getting cash now, you could easily come to believe that the process of selling your structured settlement is easy and worry-free.

You need to protect yourself, however, because people who have gone through the process have complained of potential pitfalls.

Going Back on the Deal.  A typical complaint that is levied against structured settlement buyers is that the buyer changed the amount of the offer through the purchase process.  Many buyers will float a low offer first, just to see if you’ll bite.  Don’t jump at the first offer, and you might just get something better later on.  Buyers will sometimes back out of a deal altogether, presumably if they’ve found something they think is a better investment, or if they’ve run the numbers and decided their offer to you was too high.  If the company does go ahead with the deal, always read all documents and agreements carefully to make sure the buyer doesn’t change the amount of the lump sum payment he originally offered.  If the buyer starts playing tricks with the numbers, walk away from the deal.

Promises Not Kept.  Don’t be lured in by the happy promises made by structured settlement buyers in their ads.  Many buyers will promise to give you the best deal, but the only way to know for sure is to shop around.  A site like makes this easy, so that you can post the details of your settlement and let buyers compete for your business.  Also beware any company that promises a settlement in fewer than 45-60 days.  No matter what state you are in, and no matter how easy the process, a structured settlement sale will always take at least that much time.  Remember that there are agreements to sign, a court process to follow, and legally-mandated “cooling off” periods.  It will take time.

Where’s My Money?  Unfortunately, some companies enter into agreements to buy a structured settlement, but come up short on cash and don’t pay the seller.  A reputable company will release the seller from this agreement, but some companies have actually refused to do this – so the seller not only was out of his structured settlement, he was never paid for it.  Sneaky Fees.  You shouldn’t have to pay court fees or processing fees to sell your structured settlement, so beware any company that tries to pass these on to you.  Again, read all contracts and documents carefully, and have an idea of the fees prohibited by your state’s structured settlement statute.

The best way to make sure your prospective structured settlement buyer won’t pull any of these dirty tricks is to check them out at the Better Business Bureau.  You can see what other sellers have to say about these companies.  If you find that some of them have pulled dirty tricks, think carefully about using them.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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Aug 10

Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments

An investor is aware that as a buyer of structured settlement payments an opportunity exists for a lucrative deal to be made. The chain of sale that is brought about when a buyer makes a purchase would prove favorable for all concerned. As all parties would have the same objective to increase return on their asset a structured settlement payments could count on the seller’s willingness to make a sale. Many recipients of structured settlement benefits are eager to sell as soon as possible. A swift sale would of course also be beneficial to a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments.

It is understandable that a seller would have some concerns about selling his or her compensation. A major worry for a seller would be whether or not a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments had the financial stability that would be required in order to make a cash settlement. Lengthy negotiations to smooth out each concern that a seller may have would normally take up a lot of time. However, a procedure that has been developed takes care of all the relevant questions and answers. This procedure has come about because of the need for a seller and a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments to simplify the process in order to satisfy all of the parties.

It is for these reasons that the referral network of Quote Me A exists. This online referral system that is for the benefit of a seller and a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments operates according to accurate information that is provided by both parties. Quote Me A retains and expands a comprehensive database on structured settlement investments. This service contains the data of each potential transaction and each Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments. All buyers would be notified of requests to sell so that a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments may place a quote for a particular sale. Naturally, the buyer would have to be entered into the database of Quote Me A

A seller would indicate that he or she would want to sell a structured benefit for a cash settlement. This information would be sent out to all of the various buyers. An interested Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments would place a quote. When the seller is satisfied that as many quotes have been received as is possible a decision regarding a buyer is made. The Quote Me A Price database consists of many a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments that have been highly rated. The procedure for a Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments to find a willing seller is as easy as that.

The website of Quote Me A is where online facilities are provided for their database. A Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments is welcome to take advantage of this process of buying and selling. As a serious and experienced Buyer Of Structured Settlement payments, you would have a continual source of prepared sellers. This type of system ensures that all the parties have to do is concentrate on getting the best deal. Quote Me A brings the best deals to your immediate attention.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
highest possible price for your payments.

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