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Mar 13

How to Sell Your Annuity Payments

In the long run, annuity payments can provide a reliable and stable source of income. However, many annuities will be paid over a considerable amount of time, such as lifetime payments, which can go a long way toward providing for those with limited income potential. As ideal as structured payments are, however, they might not be perfect for every situation or instance. They may not be right for you as well, if you are considering selling your annuity payments.

What are Your Needs?

You can’t sell your payments for something trivial, like an RV or a vacation. Any planned structured settlement transfers – such as your annuity – go before a judge who will look at all the facts of your case. Once there, you will have to demonstrate your actual need to his satisfaction – your need for a transfer must be vital or urgent before it will be approved.

Look for Buyers

If the judge determines your need warrants a sale or transfer of your structured settlement payments, you will need to find companies who buy settlements and annuity payments. There are many companies to choose from, but it can be hard to locate and contact a reputable and trustworthy company. You will need to put in a lot of time and effort to find a company that can satisfy your needs. After locating a few possible companies, you’ll need look over and compare the offers they will make to you.

Choosing the Right Company for You

Researching companies and entertaining offers can be a daunting task to take on by yourself, but there are alternatives to making a go of it alone. Many experienced structured settlement companies have contact with some of the most reputable and trustworthy buyers of settlements and annuities. Using a competent broker can be invaluable when selling your annuities. With the right structured settlement broker, you could start receiving offers shortly after completing and turning in your information to them.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to using a settlement broker is having a competent and skilled advisor working on your behalf to ensure you receive offers from the most reliable and trustworthy companies, eliminating the fear of finding yourself trapped by an underhanded, predatory company who only care about getting your money. A helping hand can provide some significant peace of mind, and a competent structured payment settlement broker can provide this, and more, when you choose to let them help your sell your annuity.

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Feb 13

Choosing Between Structured Settlement Buyers

Though many structured settlements are set up through a judge, they are not set in stone. While a structured settlement payment plan may be right for some people, for others it may no longer be the best for their changing and varied financial needs. These people may have immediate needs for a lump sum, such as paying for tuition or taking care of past due bills and obligations. However, there are companies out there that will purchase your settlement, providing you with the lump sum of cash you need to remedy your situation. When you decide to look for a company to care for your financial need, there are several things you must take into consideration.

Shop Around

One of the most important things you must understand is that not all companies who buy settlements and annuities are the same. There are good, trustworthy companies out there, but there are also shady and unscrupulous ones, and it is important for you to be able to spot the differences between these companies to avoid making a grave financial mistake. How do you know who to trust? Comparing the companies, as well as their offers, is the key to making the best decision possible.

Important Criteria When Comparing Companies

When choosing the right company for you, there are several criteria you should think about before making your final decision. All offers must be legal in your state and jurisdiction, for example. You should also make sure your company is offering the greatest percentage of your annuity or settlement. Of course, you will not receive 100% of the money owed to you through these settlements and annuities, but you should be able to get most of your money without worry.

Of course, you may only want to sell a portion of your annuity or settlement, and there are companies who are happy to do this as well. This way, you can get the cash you need for your situation without giving up the steady and reliable income a regular payment provides.

Consider Hiring a Brokerage Firm

Utilizing the services of a broker can help you make those all important decisions regarding your settlement or annuity. Choose a broker with the knowledge and experience of years of customer service, and a reputation for doing what it takes to get people the offers that best suit their unique individual financial needs.

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Jan 13

Can a Structured Settlement Transfer be Blocked by the Court?

Many people rightfully think that the decision of how to best use their resources, like money, is theirs to make. This is especially true of annuities and structured settlements, although that might not actually be true. Many states have laws in place dictating how structured settlements are dealt with, especially transfers or sales. Can a court really block the transfer of a structured settlement? The most honest reply to that question is yes, the court can deny the transfer of a settlement, but there’s a little more to it than that.

A Little Investigating

You have to know about the history of the structured settlement brokerage industry to really know what’s going on. The predatory nature of some companies has caused many states and consumer advocates to hold a low opinion of structured settlement transfers. Preying on the desperate and needy, these companies convince them that the best option for their financial situation is selling their structured settlements.

Most states, however, now have laws on the books to protect consumers from these types of predatory companies. One of the immediate benefits of this is that all transfers or sales must go before a judge, who will determine if the transfer is in the payee’s best interests. In many cases, the judge denies the transfer, not allowing the sale to take place.

The Criteria for Denying a Transfer

The reasons for denying the sale or transfer of a structured settlement are many and varied. One of the most common reasons is that allowing the sale or transfer is “not in the payee’s best interests”. This can mean virtually anything, although there does seem to be mitigating factors. For example, there’s a good chance that the court will reject the transfer if the funding firm recommends that the payee seek legal counsel before entering into a transfer arrangement. The proposal will then be rejected if the court does not find proof of a real financial need on behalf of the payee.

Additionally, if the transfer is not deemed “fair and reasonable” the court may reject it. For example, chances are very good that they will not approve of the proposal if the funding firm offers a payout of only 50% of the total payments for the life of the settlement.

It is easy to see that there are many factors that could lead a court to reject the transfer of a structured settlement. Showing a real financial need, and working with a firm that’s offering fair terms, is your best defense against a court denying your sale.

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Jan 12

How to Sell Annuities?

How to sell annuities? There are numerous reasons why a person would want to sell their structured settlement annuity payments. The main reason is a large unexpected expense that arises, or a drastic change in the personal financial circumstances of an individual. The purpose of selling the structured settlement annuity is to get a lump sum of cash.

Another reason is that some people are just not satisfied with their settlement payment. Whatever your reason, there is a solution for you. You can sell your annuity for a large cash payment.

There are three options available to you;

-You can sell your entire annuity.
-You can sell also sell a few of your payments.
-You can sell a percentage of your payments.

By selling your structured settlement annuity you can receive the money you need immediately, instead of having to wait for monthly installments. And if you sell a percentage or just a portion of your annuities you can still rely on the security of your future annuity payments.

Another reason is that even though your annuity is a decent amount right now, it may not have the same value in the future. Inflation is a constant economic problem. A $1,000 annuity right now may be a decent amount, but in 10 years the same amount of money will not have the same value. And this is where selling your entire structured settlement annuity may be beneficial. But, if you do not want to lose out on the security and reliability of receiving regular payments, you could just sell a portion of the annuity to receive a lump sum that will help you in an emergency situation.

When you first receive a structured settlement annuity, it may be the perfect plan for you. It may be very financial comforting for a period of time. But, circumstances never stay the same. You could be facing unexpected expenses, or you could be drowning in debts, and the monthly installments may not be sufficient anymore. If you need a lump cash payment then selling your annuity may be the perfect solution for you.

There are plenty of buyers who are interested in purchasing settlement annuities and are able to pay cash for them, so it will not be difficult to find a buyer. The problem is finding a buyer who will offer you the amount that you need.

The only drawback to such a solution is the loss that you will be making. Obviously, you will not receive a full cash payment for the entire value of the annuity. The buyers are not making the purchase out of charity. They need to make a profit too. But, you will be able to find a buyer who will be able to offer you a fair amount for your annuity. Make sure that you get as many quotes as you can before you settle on an offer.

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Jul 11

Making Sense of Selling Your Structured Settlement

When you want to sell your structured settlement payments some companies you may talk to will feed you the oh so popular line that “It’s your money” do do with as you please. Well, yes. It is your money. And, yes. You may spend it however you like. What the often won’t mention is that sometimes the reason for selling is valid, and sometimes your reason just doesn’t make good financial sense.

If you’re planning on going on a holiday shopping spree and need a little extra cash to fill the stockings, your structured settlement is not a good place to look for dollars.  However if you have gotten yourself into a situation where you are drowning in debt at very high rates, it may make financial sense to use part of your settlement to clear the books.

When faced with a serious financial crunch, some people hastily sell their annuities and structured settlements to the first company who would be willing to buy them for a lump sum amount. These companies who are willing to buy-out annuities and structured payments are commonly referred to as “Factoring” companies, because they use “Factors” to determine how much future payments are currently worth, and how much they should buy them for.

Many companies that advertise structured settlements web make the process seem easy. The process of selling your structured settlement can be a complicated legal process that requires court approval and can take up to 90 days to complete.  Structured settlements are not available in every state.

Selling your settlement under some of these scenarios can save you money and ensure you keep a solid credit rating, however it is critical to note that if you are going to sell all or part of your settlement to pay off credit card debt, you must have a plan to keep that debt from creeping back up on you or it will all have been for nothing.   This requires making a future budget and possibly consulting with a financial counselor to figure out how to keep out of such a financial mess in the future.

Your structured settlement or annuity is the foundation of your financial future. If you find yourself in financial need now, you should at the very least give yourself a couple more weeks to shop your deal to the competition.

You might be telling yourself that you cannot afford to wait, but the truth is that you cannot afford to take the first bid that you are offered. In some cases, jumping at the first offer could be the equivalent of financial suicide to a structured settlement owner.

It’s important to speak and deal with a company that knows the process well and can take you through it smoothly.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
highest possible price for your payments.

Jul 11

5 Things Before You Sell Your Structured Settlement

I many situations in the life, to get a lump sum is a must and you just cannot wait for the structured settlement annuity payments, which will come in the future. The market has operators, which can buy your structured settlement and to turn it into the cash money.

Many people, who have met sudden cost increases, like the increase in the medical bills, are the typical users, who are willing to sell their structured settlement annuity agreements. An owner can sell also only a part of the structured settlement annuity agreement.

1. You Need A Reputable Buyer.

The world is full of scam companies, who just want your money. The worst thing, which can happen is, that you will lose the agreement without getting anything. So what you need to do is to find a reputable buyer, to whom you can trust. Talk with their earlier customers and contact the Better Business Bureau.

2. Talk With The Legal Advisor.

But guarantee first, that this legal advisor is a legitimate operator. The advisor can guide you to pick the right buying company, rather a long term venture, who will do the payments as agreed. The advisor can also guide about the contract terms, especially those small print details.

3. Do You Know Your Rights?

First, to sell the structured settlement annuity agreement is totally legal process and accepted by the most states. Private persons have done these deals for years. However, only the legal advisor can tell you what is permitted and what rights you have in the process.

4. Evaluate The Position Of Your Structured Settlement In Your Long Term Financial Plan.

Why? Because the regular payments were parts of your earlier plan and were needed to guarantee, that you can manage all the payments. When you will sell the total agreement or a part of it, those regular payments will disappear totally or partly and you will get cash money instead. What happens?

5. The Expert Guidance And Several Offers Are Needed.

The selling of the structured settlement is a long term, legal arrangement, which includes, that you will fully understand the details and that you will pick trustworthy companies and other experts to operate with.

In this process talking to other people is really valuable. The more you get the expert guidance and the more you read, the better deal you will make. The worst thing is to make a deal in a hurry with the first company you meet.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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Jun 11

Structured Settlement Sales: Dodge the Rip Off

Getting lump sum cash for your structured settlement shouldn’t be that difficult as there are many finance companies that profitably thrive from these transactions.  But the challenge a seller faces is knowing if what he’s getting is the right price.  There are no hard and fast rules as every structured settlement transaction is unique and no two are the same to make a good comparison.  But there are situations that raise a red flag for sellers to watch out. Here are some of them.

Step 1:  When shopping for a buyer or company who can provide cash value for your structured settlement, consider it as interviewing for an applicant to your household staff.  Remember that these people will make money from your future cash flows and offers could come between 8% and 18% less than the total value of your future cash flows discounted to their present value.  So be selective and trust your gut feel as if you are evaluating applicants to be your kid’s nanny.  If you’re not comfortable with the prospective buyer, chances are your instinct could be right.  Next please.

Step 2:  Where the settlement is a legal matter, you may need to get the relevant judge to approve the cash offer.  If the judge disapproves it, the buyer has the responsibility to offer another proposal.  Raise the red flag if the buyer is charging a service fee to give a new proposal.  Chances are the company is bogus.

Step 3:  It could be rare but if there’s an individual private investor offering cash for your structured settlement, run from him like the plague.  Making money out of your future cash flows is often possible only with large volumes of monthly cash flows aggregated from various other structured settlements which only companies can do.  This makes any offer from a single person quite spurious.

Step 4:  Be wary of investors suggesting ways to skip the legal aspect of approving the deal.  This is not only illegal, but you are opening the opportunity to get scammed.  If you’re making the decision without the benefit of legal or financial counsel, know that the only one standing between you and a scam is the judge.

In times like this, your best weapon against possible rip-offs is to not to rush to any decision without evaluating your other options.  A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of structure settlement companies.  Take your time in digging up facts of the companies you contact.  A through research is often the key to playing it safe.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
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Jun 11

Structured Settlement Sales: Hunting For Your Buyer

Most people are not prepared for financial emergencies that suddenly pop up in their lives.  If you are someone who has been enjoying structured settlement payments, you are fortunate because you can use this to bail yourself out in such emergencies. That is, if you are wise enough to locate a company who will buy the rights for your structured settlement. And, if you are wise enough to find the “right” buyer for your structured settlement payments. If you are interested in selling your settlement, follow these steps when on the hunt for the right buyer.

Step 1: Find out if you can sell your structured settlement payments:

It is only reasonable for the potential buyer to examine your structured settlement to determine whether he can exercise the right to collect the payments. Therefore, find out if you can transfer the rights to him. In most states this is a non-issue, however why waste your time if the sale isn’t a possibility for you? The company will compute its present value to see if he can make a profit from the payments should he be given the rights to receive them. Some companies are looking for more profit than others, so shop around.

Step 2: Don’t look for a buyer in just one place.

The quickest way to search for potential buyers is by using the internet. Look for the companies that offer the best deal in terms of rates and options. There may be local buyers near you so don’t overlook them. Also consider that a small buyer may sometimes give you a better deal because of their low overhead cost. Lawyers and Insurance brokers can also be of help in locating a reputable buyer.

Step 3: Get more than a single offer.

You cannot get the best offer if you only consider one buyer. And, considering that with only slightly more effort you could have a dozen different offers to look at- why not? With two or more buyers, you can get an idea of the real prevailing price. It is not only the price either. Their rates may vary because of the options that they offer. By considering all these factors, you can get the best amount for the options that you want to get.

Step 4: Play Private Investigator.

Get a list of the past and present clients of the buyer that you have chosen. Check with these clients about their experience with this buyer. Ask if the buyer was able to fulfill his promises to the clients and the quality of service they were given. Use this buyer’s history as your gauge if you will finalize the deal.

There are still other legal matters to consider with regards to selling structured settlement rights. But by following these steps, you will be able to find the right company to sell this settlement to. After this, it will be a matter of going to the legality of the sales.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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Jun 11

Getting the Best Deal on Selling Your Structured Settlement

When you win a civil lawsuit, the damage settlement often comes in the form of periodic cash inflow called a structured settlement. You can also get one from a lottery win or an insurance payout.  These payments are almost always secured or guaranteed cash flows.  But some people prefer to get a lump sum cash payout and would sell the structured settlement for a discounted cash value today.   Just like securing a mortgage, selling a structured settlement is a financial transaction best left to professionals in the business.  Unless you have the skill yourself, it can be a good idea to tap into the right people to get the best structured settlement deal.  But not all have your interest in mind.  It is best to consider the following.

Step 1:  Ask your lawyer and colleagues for their input if they had dealt with structured settlement companies before and get some recommendation.  It is important to establish their legitimacy and reputation before signing on the dotted line.

Step 2:  Shop around and the best place is the internet.  Be sure that the structured settlement company has a local address and contact you can verify by calling and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.  This is often indicated by a triple B logo on its site.  In addition, companies with at least 5 years in the business often tell you they have established a reputation they need to protect.

Step 3:  Get quotes from these companies and shortlist only those that can provide the best price without the need to haggle with them. There is no obligation to accept a quote.  As a pricing guide, depending on future payment streams, typical discount rates for a structured settlement transaction to convert future cash streams into a lump sum today are usually between 8% and 15%.  Most companies have a structured settlement calculator that helps you determine the equivalent cash value of future cash inflows in your structured settlement.

Step 4:  Look for online settlement quoting companies that have a network of funders or financiers who can competitively bid for the value of your structured settlement. Bear in mind that these funders earn money by re-investing your structured settlement at the highest yields while giving the lowest possible cash value for your expected cash inflows.  It shouldn’t be difficult to spot the highest bid.

You should never accept an offer if you’re not sure.  But if the Disclosure Statement or Assignment Agreement contains a Cooling Off period, you can still change your mind and cancel the transaction in case a better one crops up.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
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Jun 11

Structured Settlement Sales: Hunting for the Right Buyer

As you may know from TV commercials, financial news, and from millions for ads on the internet. Sure, lots of buyers will respond to you. But beware: some buyers will make promises they realistically can’t fulfill when they try to tempt you to work with them.

What seemed like an ideal amount at the time of your structured settlement may no longer seem as beneficial now. Whether or medical expenses, a child’s college education, or to settle high interest credit card debt, more and more people are choosing to sell their structured settlement payments now than ever before. Here are a few things to consider before selling to make sure you’re on the right track.

1. Don’t fall for the smoke and mirrors.

Slick buyers will try to impress you with all sorts of “facts”-which may or may not be relevant to your situation. They may tell you great things they’ve done for their great customers, the size of their business, and annual revenues. This is all well and good, but these statistics don’t guarantee the buyer will treat you fairly and find the best solution for both your short-term and long-term goals. So how do you know if a potential buyer delivers on what they say, or are they just blowing smoke?

When the buyer talks, consider whether he or she has:

* Listened to your current and future cash needs.
* Gathered a firm idea of why you are selling structured settlements.
* Offered suggestions to help you reach your current needs without selling
your settlement.

When the buyer listens, consider whether he or she has:

* Actively listened to you explain your problems before giving you any answers.
* Focused intently on you as if you were the center of the universe.

2. Only sell what you need and not a penny more. Of course you want to sell your structured settlement because you need cash and you need it now. Right? Maybe not. Before you sell, ask yourself why are you really selling?

Just because you need money now doesn’t mean you have to sell your entire settlement or annuity. Maybe you need to:

* Buy a house or save one from foreclosure.
* Consolidate credit card debt.
* Finance education.
* Pay an immediate medical expense.

If you don’t have solid reasons to sell structured settlement payments, proceed with caution. A good buyer will tell you this and will offer options that meet your current need for cash, but also provide long-term security. There is no good reason to sell your entire annuity if you only need a portion of it for your immediate needs.

3. Ask questions

There are some things you should know before you sign a contract. Here’s one: ask your buyer what he or she doesn’t do well. A good buyer understands that limitations create focus and focus creates value. Admitting mistakes is a good sign of honesty, integrity, and intelligence. Here’s something else you should know: are there any alternatives to just selling your settlement outright? A good buyer will give you options-and alternatives may mean more money for you. Bottom line: the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.

4. Know the danger signs

Beware of a buyer who:

* Calls you three or more times a day
* Has you speak with someone different each time you call their office
* Doesn’t argue with you ( in a positive way )
* Doesn’t return your calls
* Makes promises about when you will get your money
* Says: “don’t worry about it” or “trust us, we do this all the time”
* Knows less about structured settlements and annuities than you
* Sends you all the paperwork at once

Selling your structured settlement payments doesn’t happen overnight.  So watch out for companies that claim: “we can put cash in your pocket in a few days.” Don’t believe it. Find out how long you will realistically have to wait for your money before you sell. If it sounds too good to be true: it is. Luckily, there are many companies to chose from. So find the one that fits your needs- not theirs.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
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