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A Marketplace is the Best Place to go for Liquidating Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements are meant to be residual payments paid out over a period of time. Some people count on receiving those payments on a guaranteed scheduled time frame. However, when the actions of life happen, as they often do, it can be an asset to cash out these payments into one lump sum. There are a number of ways to do this. One of the best ways is by utilizing a marketplace.

What is a marketplace

A marketplace is much like it sounds. It is a place that will market your request for cashing out, or liquidating, your structured settlement. Instead of receiving several payments, a person will receive final one lump sum. The marketplace enables people to list their request and have it viewed by multiple companies.

Let the bidding begin

A marketplace is like ebay on steroids. A request for cashing out a structured settlement is placed. The listing is then viewed by several structured settlement factoring companies and investors. The companies then enter into a feeding frenzy of bids for that settlement. The winning company’s bid is the one the person will end up with. The winning company will then complete the process by taking the transaction through the court system and providing the final lump sum payment to the tort victim.

What settlements can a marketplace list

There are certain payment streams that can be listed in the Marketplace. has buyers for structured settlements, annuities, lottery payments, and mortgage notes.

Benefits of marketplace

The marketplace offers a quick way to get cash for your structured settlement, note, lottery payments, or annuity. The recipient doesn’t need to be harassed by several companies, all the bidding is done in one place. This means less stress, the recipient saves money and headaches.

The marketplace is a great option for people seeking to cash out a structured settlement. They offer peace of mind by receiving the most cash for your future payments.

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