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Sell Structured Settlement Payments for Cash

Things happen all the time that require large sums of money – buying a home, buying a car, paying for tuition, medical bills and more. If you need a large lump sum of cash now, why not Sell Structured Settlement payments? Structured settlements are a result of a large sum of money being rewarded for any reason. The most likely reasons include winning the lottery, insurance money, money awarded by a third party to cover accident damage, or money awarded to a person who experienced negligent medical treatment. Usually it is a very large sum of money awarded in these cases, and to make it easier, the money is structured into monthly installments.

When you decide to Sell Structured Settlement payments you are, in effect, just exchanging the monthly installments for the larger lump sum of cash. The amount that you exchange it for is usually different, allowing you to offer a buyer a win-win situation whereby you get the cash, and they get a slightly bigger amount at the end of the stipulated period. This period can stretch over tens of years, depending on how big it is, and so this works out to be quite a good deal for you if you need all of the money right now for whatever reason.

Quote Me A Price is an online platform that brings you, the seller, closer to many buyers who are interested in your structured settlement. You essentially are auctioning off your structured settlement payments to the highest bidder who offers the largest cash lump sum – so you will be getting the very best deal when you Sell Structured Settlement payments. Don’t settle on the first offer that you receive – shop around, compare offers and see what is available before you settle on any one offer from a single settlement buyer.

All you need to do to take advantage of this platform offered by Quote Me A Price is fill out the request form on the Quote Me A Price website, and then submit it. This request form includes the details of your cash flow, your name, and other personal details. Once completed, you can either opt to send you request directly to those Top Funding firms who will then make you a cash offer, or request free consultation before sending it to firms. So you will always end out on top when you decide to Sell Structured Settlement payments.

If you have already got quotes from funding institutions who are interested in buying your structured settlement payments then you can still take advantage of the Quote Me A Price request form: simply indicate in the comments section that you have already had quotes from such and such, and then your form will not be sent to those firms. The more quotes you have, the higher the cash amount that you get out will be. Use Quote Me A Price to Sell Structured Settlement payments and get the very best deal out of your monthly structured settlement installments.

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