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Selling Your Structured Settlement: Don’t Go Broke, Use a Broker- part 1

It’s not uncommon for the recipients of a structured settlement to want to sell the payments in order to acquire a lump sum. Obviously there are many reasons why a recipient of such payments would choose to follow this route. For example, they may want to purchase a property, or perhaps they would like to invest a lump sum of money in one or other business venture. Basically, receiving a one off lump sum payment has a far higher potential to be life changing than what small monthly payments have.

Just as there are people who wish to sell structured settlements, so to are there those who view such structured settlement investments as a viable option for increasing their financial portfolio. Of course, if you choose to sell your payments then you need to keep in mind that investors won’t pay you as much as what you would otherwise have received, because just like you want to benefit from one lump sum, they want to profit as well.

In many cases the reasons for a person wanting to sell their payments can be extremely pressing, such as when they may have huge amounts of debt which they need to settle as soon as possible. However, because structured settlement investments can be so lucrative for investors, there is generally no shortage of potential buyers, and of course this is something which sellers can to a certain extent use to their own advantage. Before actually selling the payments, a seller should ideally consult with a reputable financial adviser. The advisor they choose should however not be connected to the potential buyer in any way. In other words, the financial adviser should have the seller’s best interests at heart, and they should ensure that the seller fully understands how much money they will lose should they proceed with the sale. A responsible adviser will also question a seller’s motive for wanting to sell their payments. In other words, a good adviser will make absolutely certain that the seller is aware of all the different pros and cons.

Something else to bear in mind is that structured settlement investments involve more than just a buyer and a seller, in that court approval is usually the mandatory. During the court hearing the presiding judge will also try to determine whether or not the seller has a solid understanding regarding the sale of their payments and any consequent ramifications. During this process the court will usually want to see evidence relating to the seller’s financial circumstances and financial needs. The seller will also be made aware of the fact that it is possible for them to sell only a portion of their payments rather than the entire structured settlement. This process also helps to ensure that the buyer or buyers are trustworthy and reputable and that they have no hidden agenda.

Even though there are several routes a person can take when they want to sell their structured settlement, it is always best to work through a reputable broker who specializes in structured settlement investments, in that such brokers are extremely knowledgeable with regards to the laws governing such contracts. Remember, structured settlement investments should not only benefit the buyer, but they should also benefit the seller, hence the reason for a fair agreement which takes the interests of both parties into consideration.

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