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Selling Your Structured Settlement Online Now

You’ve got some kind of a structured settlement – maybe from a lawsuit, maybe from winning the lottery, maybe a note secured by a mortgage or a business.

But it’s just sitting there.  Your next payment could be months away.  You need cash now.  What can you do?

Thanks to sites like QMAP, you have access to a fast, easy online marketplace where you can shop your note or settlement to willing buyers to come up with the best deal for you.  So – what’s next?

Put out the details of your settlement arrangement, and what you want to sell.  You can sell all of the future payments if you want, or sell only a few of them.  It really depends on how much cash you need.  Using a site like QMAP, you can list the details and get offers from interested buyers.

Shop Around.  Like the song says, don’t be sold on the first offer.  Every buyer of structured settlements is different.  There are some firms who do a high volume of business and have well-known names in the business.  Others might be small or start-up businesses looking for a return on your structured settlement.  Some firms may start out with a low offer, only to come back with a higher one when you say no.  Remember that when you sell a structured settlement, you will receive less in a lump sum than you would have received altogether over time.  This is how companies make money – and how you get the cash you need right now.

Fees.  Buyers of structured settlements are in the business of making money on the difference between your total payments and the cash they pay you now.  But the buyers incur costs in doing so; they have overhead (office staff, communications expenses), legal fees, court fees, and the interest cost of getting access to the cash they will use to buy your note.  As a result, the deal you’re offered may include varying amounts of fees.  Each offer should be up front about the fees that will come out of your lump-sum settlement.

What’s the Money For?  Annuities, particularly those entered into as part of a personal-injury settlement, are intended to support the annuitant for a period of time.  The buyer of your settlement is looking to turn a profit, however, and is not concerned with why you want the money or how you plan to spend it, or how the loss of this annuity will affect your personal finances.  However, the court may have to review and approve the sale of your settlement, and will want a compelling reason for the sale of your settlement.  Don’t be vague.  If you want to sell, you should have a good reason to do so, such as a compelling financial emergency, college tuition, or a solid business or investment opportunity.  Be prepared to substantiate your reasoning.

If you need help selling your structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments,
contact us today. We are here to answer your questions and help you obtain the
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