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Why Would I Want A Structured Settlement?

You were injured by a negligent person or product, in an auto accident, or through no fault of your own.  You’ve fought for your day in court, dealt with lawyers, sifted through piles of paperwork, all to make sure the party that hurt you will pay for what they’ve done – and won’t do it to anyone else. 

And now, after all this, your lawyer is offering you a settlement.  Not the big money that you expected or deserve, but a stream of fixed payments over time.  What good is this?  What gives?

Of course, what you’re being offered is an annuity – also called a structured settlement.  Why do settlements like this happen?  Why can’t the defendant just hand you a big fat check?

There are more reasons for this than you might think.  First, and most obvious, the defendant simply doesn’t have this kind of money to give over.  So, the defendant goes to an insurance company (usually) and, with less than the settlement amount, invests in an annuity designed to pay you fixed amounts monthly or annually, over a period of time. 

You think, hey!  That’s not fair!  The defendant hurt me!  He should have to pay up now, right?  Well…there are still other reasons why an annuity for you is a good idea.

While having a huge lump sum of cash in hand right now may sound appealing, another purpose of the structured settlement annuity is that it allows you a certain measure of security in your finances.  Especially if you’ve been hurt and can’t work, the annuity allows you the peace of mind in knowing that money is coming on regular intervals, so that you can plan your medical and living expenses.  If the injured party is a minor, it gives them even further security by allowing for a financial future they would not otherwise have had.

Another great reason is that an annuity protects you from yourself.  If you’re prone to overspending, tend to buy all the latest gadgets or splurge whenever the mood strikes, an annuity prevents you from doing this by spacing out your payments over time.  It may not be fun to deny yourself, but if you aren’t willing or able to go back to work and earn a living, you’ll need something to take care of you – and that’s an annuity.

Another great advantage of an annuity for a personal injury lawsuit:  as long as it’s for a personal injury, the annuity payments are tax-free.  This prevents further degradation of your settlement.

Of course, if you have compelling emergency expenses, such as medical or legal bills, educational expenses, or something else urgent, you can sell that annuity for a lump sum of cash.  Enter the details on QMAP and find out what buyers are willing to pay you.  Then all of your settlement is in your hands, under your control, and ready to work for you.

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